Chinese Embassy Denies Zubiri Claims China Blacklist PH Tourism

Chinese Embassy Refutes Claim of Zubiri that China Includes PH ni Tourism Blacklist

The Chinese Embassy has denied the claims of Senator Migz Zubiri that China allegedly included the Philippines on their ‘tourism blacklist.’

The remark made by Senator Zubiri was labeled as “misinformation” by the Chinese Embassy in Manila. In a separate statement, the embassy said that “more Chinese visitors will travel to this nation after the pandemic” and that “tourism is a crucial component of practical collaboration between China and the Philippines.”

China Blacklist Tourism

China’s statement came a day after Zubiri said, in a Senate session, that China had put the Philippines on a “blacklist for tourism destinations,” and that Huang Xilian, the country’s ambassador, had given him the information.

Zubiri claimed in a statement shared on Facebook that “it was lost in translation and what the excellent Ambassador meant was we might perhaps be blacklisted as he mentioned they do that to countries who promote gambling for their citizens.”

After POGOs were connected to crimes like sex trafficking, corruption, money laundering, and document fraud, among others, Zubiri said that China had expressed worry over the protection of Chinese nationals. He claimed that because the Chinese Embassy did not want to “trigger any diplomatic alarm bells,” the Senate recognized the statement as one made with care.

The Chinese government launched a blacklist system for tourist sites in 2020 in response to new gaming venues abroad luring Chinese tourists. At least 300,000 Chinese tourists have entered the nation since 2016; the majority of them ended up working for POGO, according to Surigao del Norte Representative Robert Ace Barbers, who is also the chair of the House of Representatives Committee on Dangerous Drugs.

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