“Not Anti-Marcos”: Percy Lapid Praising Marcos Jr Goes Viral

Percy Lapid Claim Not to Be Anti-Marcos After Videos Praising Marcos Family Goes Viral

Late radio broadcaster Percy Lapid was claimed not to be an anti-Marcos after videos of him praising President Ferdinand “Bonbong” Marcos Jr goes viral online.

Percy Lapid made a number of comments after a video of him circulated once more on social media and appeared to praise the Marcos family. This comes in the midst of rumors that Lapid was referred to by some media sites as the “Anti-Marcos.”

Percy Lapid Anti-Marcos

Lapid’s comments regarding the purported wealth of the Marcos family can be seen in some of the social media videos that have gone viral. Sadly, it has not been established whether the Marcoses actually possess gold.

The “Imperial Patriarch” stated on Facebook that after viewing some of Lapid’s words, he cannot be viewed as an anti-Marcos. However, if you take a closer look, Lapid has consistently criticized the Dutertes.

“He wasn’t actually “anti-Marcos” or maybe not “anti-BBM”.” said the blogger.

“If anything he was anti-Duterte (this part hasn’t changed for years, no surprise), and he didn’t like the people who were around BBM (specifically one ES who is not anymore in his cabinet),” the blogger added.

Lapid is rumored to occasionally compliment the Marcos family. It will be noted that Marcos is one of the individuals who appear to be held accountable by certain online users for what happened to Lapid because he was reportedly a presidential critic.

Two gunmen riding a motorcycle ambushed Lapid near the BF Resort’s entrance in Barangay Talon 2 in Las Piñas City. Detectives retrieved Lapid’s car’s dashcam footage. The suspicious guys on a motorcycle were visible in the video near Lapid’s car before he was shot.

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