Kabataan to Sim Card Registration: “Walang maidudulot na mabuti”

Kabataan Partylist Opposes the Enactment of Sim Card Registration Law

Kabataan Partylist opposes the enactment of the Sim Card Registration Bill that aims to end scammers’ modus operandi.

The Sim Card Registration Bill was passed by President Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. despite opposition from the Kabataan. According to their statement, Kabataan claimed that the aforementioned law would not be beneficial and that the government could only use inaccurate information.

Kabataan Sim Card Registration

The young organization noted that because state agents have unfettered access to personal information, which violates their right to privacy, the passage of the measure will only fuel terror. They continued by saying that because con artists can use false identities, it won’t eliminate people’ concerns about scams and fraud either.

“Mariing kinukondena ng Kabataan-Partylist Metro Manila ang pagsasabatas ng Sim card registration act. Wala itong maidudulot na mabuti para sa sambayanan kundi mas matinding pangamba para sa kanila dahil malaya ang mga ahente ng estado sa mga sensitibong impormasyon na lumalabag sa karapatan ng mga ito sa kanilang privacy,” the group said.

“Hindi rin nito malulutas ang mga agam-agam ng mga mamamayan kontra sa pang-scam at fraud dahil maaaring gumamit ng pekeng pagkakakilanlan ang mga may pakana ng mga scam,” they added.

Recall that one of the bill’s opponents in Congress is Rep. Raoul Manuel of the Kabataan party list. Sim Card Registration is opposed by Sen. Ronald “Bato” Dela Rosa, one of the bill’s supporters and a supporter of the CPP-NPA-NDF.

“Yan talaga ang papel ng grupo na yan kaya nga tinatawag na legal front para legal silang makagawa ng hakbangin tungkol sa kanilang objective which is to bring down the duly constituted government,” said Dela Rosa.


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