Chie Filomeno to Valentine Rosales: “Tumigil kang clout chaser ka!”

Chie Filomeno Lambasted Valentine Rosales and Called Him ‘Clout Chaser’

Actress Chie Filomeno lambasted social media personality Valentine Rosales and called him a ‘clout chaser’ over his comment.

Rosales received scathing remarks from the former “Pinoy Big Brother” housemate Chie Filomeno after the latter commented on the actress’ driver’s license photo. After saying, “Kala ko si ano,” in reference to the deceased flight attendant Christine Dacera, Chie criticized Rosales.

Chie Filomeno Valentine Rosales

Chie didn’t budge and addressed the social media influencer’s comment. The actress even called Rosales a ‘clout chaser’ in the said comment section and appealed to let Dacera rest in peace.

“Alam mo tumigil ka ng clout chaser ka. Let her rest in peace please,” answered the actress.

However, Rosales commented again and said, “Haaa? Kala ko si Nadine! Ano ba sinasabi mo?” And Chie didn’t seem to back down either and started hitting Rosales saying, “Galing mo talagang sinungaling no? papalusot ka pa eh.”

Many online users assumed that Valentine was referring to Christine Dacera, who passed away on January 1, 2021 as a result of a ruptured aortic aneurysm, even though Valentine did not specifically mention her by name. One of the final individuals to be with the former flight attendant before he took his own life was Valentine.

Chie prepared the driver’s license photo because it is good for 10 years, according to a post on his Facebook page. Additionally, she made it clear that she does not get any preferential treatment.

“10 years. Dapat worth it. WALANG ARTISTA ARTISTA DITO! KALOKA. Nakakarindi yung mga comment na “porket artista ganito ganun.” Hindi po ganun yun. At hindi gagawin ng mga trabahante ng DFA and LTO ang may pa ‘special treatment’. Uhm salamat sa tiktok sa mga tips na napanood ko at NAG BABASA ako ng email ng DFA about sa kung ano ang PWEDE at BAWAL,” said the actress.

“Sa drivers license pwede naman naka makeup wag lang nakakabulag na makeup at pwede mag hikaw wag lang pang Merry Christmas na hikaw. Okay na po ba? Let people enjoy things. Gusto ko presentable ako sa ID photos ko, kaya nag eeffort po ako,” added Chie.

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