Taguig City Police Debunks Alleged Fake Crimes in BGC

Taguig City Police Clarifies Fake Robbery, Crimes Reports in BGC

Taguig City Police Station debunks fake reports of alleged robbery and crimes that were taking place in Bonifacio Global City (BGC).

The police station has vehemently refuted the viral social media post that claims robberies are common in BGC and that no action is being taken by the authorities. A netizen said in a post that went viral that robberies frequently happen in front of buildings housing significant financial institutions.

BGC Fake Crimes

Police believe that JP Morgan Chase & Co., which has a location at 9th Avenue and 32nd Street in BGC, is an ostensible financial institution. The Taguig PNP said that once the post became viral, they contacted the BGC security staff right away and learned that the viral tweet was untrue.

“Mr. Christian Nicolie Atienza, senior property manager of Asia Affinity, the firm responsible for the security of the JP Morgan Chase & Co. Tower (the company referred to in the post), categorically stated that no such robbery-holdup incidents were officially reported to them or brought to their attention,” said the FB post of the Taguig Police.

“Our own police sub-station 1 in BGC has not also received any report of such incidents. It is very unfortunate that there are some individuals who paint a negative picture of our safety and security status,” the police said.

The police warn against spreading malicious or false information since it will only cause fear and panic. The police’s statement appears to have offended internet users, as “laughing” and “angry” comments were frequently made in response to their post.

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