Kiko Pangilinan Compares Prices of Onion, Garlic in Thailand vs PH

Kiko Pangilinan Shares the Prices of Onion and Garlic in Thailand Compare to PH

Former Senator Atty Kiko Pangilinan shared the prices of onion and garlic in Thailand compared to those in the Philippines.

The former vice presidential candidate tweeted about the cost of onions and garlic on their September trip to Thailand. Garlic and onions cost twice as much in the Philippines as they do in Thailand, according to him, so there is a significant price differential between the two countries.

Kiko Pangilinan Prices Thailand

His tweet claims that whereas the cost of onions per kilo is roughly 35 baht or P60 in the Philippines, the cost of garlic in Thailand is 50 baht or P85. A kilo of garlic costs P300 and a kilo of onions P400 in the Philippines, according to him.

“Last week sa Bangkok, 50 baht o 85 pesos 1 kilo ng bawang. 35 baht o 60 pesos naman ang 1 kilo sibuyas. Dito sa atin 400 pesos 1 kilo ng sibuyas at 300 pesos naman ang bawang,” he wrote in his post.

“2x more ang govt agri budget sa Thailand at 3x more naman sa Vietnam. Murang pagkain. Walang gutom,” he added.

It received a range of responses from the online community in the meanwhile. Some online users bemoaned the fact that all of the lands in the Philippines had been sold to real estate developers, who turned them into subdivisions and neglected agriculture.

They also voice their disappointment with the government as they prefer to import items rather than their countrymen’s produce. Aside from that, they also lament the corruption in the government that can be solved the issues of poverty and hunger in the Philippines.

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