Denise Laurel Shares Unique Way Of Raising Her Son

This is how Denise Laurel treats and raises her son with a non-showbiz foreign guy.

DENISE LAUREL – Actress-singer Denise Laurel is a single mother to her son Davian Alejandro and this is her way of raising him.

11-year-old Davian Alejandro is the son of Denise Laurel with an Italian-American guy whose name and other details, up until now, remained undisclosed. Ever since then, the actress never revealed any details or information about the non-showbiz father of her son.

And just recently, in a conversation with Wil Dasovich, he opened up about her son. They are very close and according to him, he is treating her the way he should be treated for his age.

She never did the “baby talk” to him and what they would always do is converse like they were friends. This way, they can be open about certain matters, and for her son to be open as well and be comfortable when asking questions about things he’s curious about. Davian is now 11 years old.

He’ll be a teenager soon and slowly, but at the same time, in the most realistic manner, he explains to him things he should know. These topics include the body parts, how to make a baby, and others.

He is her mother, father, and homie in one body.

She said, “I’m just legit honest with him – honest, straightforward. And I talk to him like he gets me. I don’t baby-talk him. We talk about everything… in a way he’ll understand but still showing him respect and that he’s mature. I talk to him like we’re on a cool level not talking down to him.”

Denise got pregnant with him when she was just 23 years old and in the middle of her rising career. But despite all the major changes he brought to her life, she’d probably do nothing to reverse these events. Her son is the person who taught her how to love fully and unconditionally.

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