Paul Soriano Reveals He Rejects Offer to be Press Secretary

Paul Soriano Admitted He Refused to be Press Secretary Under Marcos Admin

Veteran director Paul Soriano revealed that he rejected the offer to be the ness press secretary under the administration of President Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr.

The press secretary job that had previously been held by attorney Trixie Cruz-Angeles was definitely offered to Toni Gonzaga’s husband. Soriano claimed in the interview that he turned down the job because he thought a more suitable candidate should be chosen for the press secretary role.

Paul Soriano Press Secretary

It is said that he would just offer better service behind the scenes working with the President’s media and communications team. Even though he holds no official role, he said, it is better for him to assist the Marcos Jr. government, based on the report of ABS-CBN.

“Yes, there was a conversation but I feel that the position needs more qualified people to help the President,” he said.

“I can be of better service behind the scenes working with the President’s media and communications team,” he added.

He claims that one of his goals is to show the public that Marcos is a diligent president who most likely goes unnoticed by internet users. “At the end of the day, my main mandate is to send out the message that we have a hard-working leader that sadly people don’t see.”

Since Soriano is the first lady’s nephew, some netizens were upset to hear that the director was a candidate for press secretary. Mike Toledo, an official with Metro Pacific Investments Corp, stated that he would accept Marcos’ offer if he were to be considered for the position of press secretary. Former President Joseph Estrada’s press office was last located in Toledo.

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