Denise Laurel Opens Up About The Father Of Her Son

This is what Denise Laurel said regarding her son’s father.

DENISE LAUREL – In an interview, Denise Laurel opened up about the father of her son Alejandro and what happened to them.

Davian Alejandro is Denise Laurel’s son. She gave birth to him in 2011 and he is her son with an Italian-American man. She did not however disclose the name of the father or any details about him.

She got pregnant when she was just 23 years old, at the height of her career. And in an interview just recently, she revealed that she only found out she was pregnant back then when she was about to lose him.

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At that time, she wasn’t prepared to be a mother but she knew she wanted to be one. And one of her worries then is her parents as it might break their hearts. There were also expectations and everyone expected her to do these events in a proper manner. But surprisingly, her parents were very supportive.

The father of her son pursued her for a very, very long time but their relationship did not last long. He was a non-showbiz foreign dude.

Marriage also did not really cross her mind at that time because they weren’t together for that long yet. Her parents also introduce the idea back then but did not force them to do it. The marriage did not entirely become the center of the whole journey.

Looking back, she shared, “One thing I was afraid of was that I have a lot of contracts that were ongoing.”

The pregnancy wasn’t planned but it all turned out well. She has the person she can love her whole life and heart with.

Watch the interview below:


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