Young Girl Loses Vision After Accidentally Poked w/ Pencil in Her Eye

Young Girl in Las Piñas Accidentally Poked w/ Pencil in Her Eye

LAS PIÑAS – A young girl lost her vision after she was accidentally poked with a pencil in her eye in Barangay Manuyo Uno.

Young children are still in the developing stage, which occurs between infancy and puberty. Little kids have no idea regarding the things they do and probably need guidance from adults in order to perform certain things.

Young children were unable to make serious decisions and were usually naughty. Adults should rebuke and scold little kids for their inappropriate actions. However, guardians could not monitor their children all the time.

Young Girl

A one-year-old girl identified as Almira from Barangay Manuyo Uno in Las Piñas needs to undergo a surgical operation after suffering an eye injury. The toddler has been rushed to the hospital because of her injury.

According to the victim’s uncle named John Paul Albareda, Almira has been carried and pampered by her grandmother in front of their house when she was accidentally poked by a pencil.

The pencil reportedly came from two young children playing near the victim. The kid has been rushed to the Philippine General Hospital. The girl lost her vision due to an eye injury.

The doctor said that the kid needs to undergo an eye transplant, which is the only way to restore her vision. The family is seeking help from kind-hearted people because they could not afford the medical expenses.

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