Renato Reyes Slams PBBM for Watching Grand Prix in Singapore

Renato Reyes Criticizes PBBM After Appearance in F1 Grand Prix in Singapore

Veteran activist Renato Reyes criticized the appearance of President Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr (PBBM) in the F1 Grand Prix in Singapore.

President Marcos Jr.’s attendance at the F1 Grand Prix rerun in Singapore did not please BAYAN Secretary-General. Reyes, along with his son Sandro Marcos, a representative from Ilocos Norte, and House Speaker Martin Romualdez, described what Marcos did in his statement as “insensitive.”

Renato Reyes PBBM Singapore

He claimed that although there are still numerous issues in the nation, Marcos gave the race top priority. Renato criticized Marcos’ “weekend getaway” despite the aftermath of Typhoon Karding and the economic turmoil.

“The weekend getaway to watch the F1 Grand Prix in Singapore during an economic crisis, in the aftermath of Karding, and with public debt breaching P13 trillion is insensitive, unnecessary, and irresponsible,” said Reyes on his Facebook post.

It declared that using the jet, whether it belonged to the government or to a private party, was improper. He bemoans the fact that Marcos utilized Filipino tax dollars to pay for the jet they took to Singapore.

“If private jet, who paid for it? Or was it lent by someone which would make it qualify as graft. If a government asset was used for the Singapore trip, that means we paid for that weekend getaway. Either way, may mali,” said the activist.

Reyes also questioned the amount of tax dollars used to pay for Marcos’ companions’ accommodations while he was in New York. According to Reyes, people want a practical answer to the economic crisis, not a president who is out having fun. Malacañang has not yet released a statement about Marcos’ trip to Singapore.

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