Carabao Goes Berserk & Causes Damages to 6 Vehicle in Cavite

Carabao Goes Berserk While Heading to Slaughter House in Cavite

A carabao on its way to a slaughterhouse goes berserk and causes damage to at least six vehicles along Trece Martires, Cavite.

A carabao is a domestic swamp-type water buffalo native to the Philippines. Carabaos were introduced to Guam from the Spanish Philippines in the 17th century. They have acquired great cultural significance to the Chamorro people and are considered the unofficial national animal of Guam.

Water buffalos have the low, wide, and heavy build of draught animals. They vary in color from light grey to slate grey. The horns are sickle-shaped or curve backward toward the neck.


Most Filipinos are using carabaos for farming particularly when cultivating soil and carrying heavy equipment. However, several people are slaughtering buffalos and sold their meat to the market.

Recently, six vehicles along the road in Trece Martires, Cavite suffered dents and scratches after being attacked by a carabao. The buffalo went out of the transport vehicle and goes berserk while heading to a slaughterhouse.

The CCTV footage installed near the area caught the incident. The incident also causes massive traffic congestion in the area. The police officers who responded to the incident had no choice but to shoot the buffalo.

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The buffalo owner identified as Renz Canlas has also expressed his willingness to pay for the damages.

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