Lady Arrested for Calling Minor Girl Neighbor ‘Pokpok’ in Cebu

Police Arrest Lady in Cebu for Calling Minor Girl Neighbor Pokpok

Police authorities arrested a lady in Cebu for allegedly calling her neighbor who is a minor girl pokpok.

A 40-year-old woman was jailed after she called her young neighbor a “pokpok” or call girl. Jean Alcontin Villejo, 40, a local of Barangay West Poblacion in Naga, Cebu, was named as the suspect.

Minor Neighbor Pokpok

According to the complaint, Villejo was taken into custody around 1:45 PM on September 28 by officers from the City of Naga Police Station. According to reports, the young victim sobbed all the way home after the woman’s charges.

The young child informed her parents that the suspect had called her a derogatory name back in March. According to the parents’ account, their daughter started crying nonstop after becoming depressed.

The parents as a result complained to the barangay and pursued the case. The authorities immediately launched an operation resulting to the arrest of the suspect, based on the report.

Villejo is facing a charge of violating Republic Act 7610, an act providing for stronger deterrence and special protection against child abuse, exploitation, and discrimination, and for other purposes. Villejo is now in jail with a bail of P80,000.

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