Another Family Feud Winner Donates Prize to Angat Buhay

6th Family Feud Winner Donates Prize Won to Angat Buhay Foundation

Another winner in Family Feud donates their prize to the Angat Buhay foundation of former vice president Leni Robredo.

This Thursday, September 29, the Angat Buhay Foundation, which is run by Atty Leni Robredo, got a donation from a contestant on the Kapuso game program “Family Feud” for the sixth time. The “Legit Insiders” defeated “Team Kasaysayan” in this Thursday’s episode of the game show.

Winner Donates Angat Buhay

The “Legit Insiders” are Rose Fabregas, Lito Mañago, Rohn Romulo, and Anna Pingol, who write and edit columns for Entertainment. The members of “Team Kasaysayan” include historians Xiao Chua, Mona Magno-Veluz, Jonathan Balsamo, and John Ray Ramos.

The Legit Insiders earned P100,000. They also gave Angat Pinas Inc. P20,000. Mayonnaise, a Filipino band, has given a coveted donation to the Leni Robredo Foundation.

The aforementioned foundation was known as Angat Pinas Incorporated or the Angat Buhay, a non-governmental organization. The winning contestants from an earlier program also made the decision to donate a percentage of their prize money to the NGO, and “The Clash Boys” made a vow to the foundation to do the same.

The family of Manny Calayan also gave P20,000 to the Angat Buhay Foundation last month. In addition to the other three, TikTok celebrities and NCAA Courtside Cuties donated their revenues.

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