Netizens to Boycott Products, Company Endorsed by Toni Gonzaga

Netizens Plans to Boycott Company and Products Endorsed by Toni Gonzaga

Netizens, especially critics of TV host Toni Gonzaga express displeasure and will boycott the company and products she allegedly endorsed.

A well-known online retailer recently declared that Toni Gonzaga would serve as one of their endorsers. The internet’s users, particularly her detractors, have reacted in a variety of ways to Toni’s recent trend on social media.

Boycott Toni Gonzaga

Twitter users apparently have plans to boycott some businesses that a television host and actress has sponsored. Even if they have attacked Toni numerous times, it appears that the actress has never run out of blessings, which has infuriated her detractors.

As a form of protest, some online users responded by declaring they would just switch to the renowned e-commerce brand’s competitor. Some even stated that they would remove the Toni-endorsed e-commerce company’s app.

However, other people claim that the boycott of Toni’s endorsed products by online users will have little effect. It has not yet been confirmed that Toni is the selected spokesperson for the aforementioned e-commerce brand, but that will be revealed tomorrow.

It may be recalled that the television host’s detractors increased after she declared her support for President Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. during the previous election. When he was still running for office, Toni was always the principal host of the PBBM rally event.

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