Slater Young and Kryz Uy Emotional Son Captures Lots Of Hearts

Scottie of Slater Young and Kryz Uy gets adorably emotional and this is the reason.

SLATER YOUNG AND KRYZ UY – Scott Knoa Young is gaining attention online because of this adorable and heartwarming video of him.

Cebu-based Uy-Young couple, Slater and Kryz have two sons – Scottie and Sevi. They have this very ideal life as a family in the recent vlog of Kryz, people found another more reason to love their family.

In the recent vlog of the female influencer, she shared this intimate moment with her son who spoke so much love and devotion to her. She was telling Scottie that she will be away for a long time because of work and that she will miss him so much.

She was also telling him that he needs to play with his little brother and assured him that she will always call while she is away. But this heart-to-heart conversation unexpectedly led Scottie to be emotional – adorably emotional.

He might be too young but he understood what his mother was telling him. He also did well in displaying his emotions as if he’s already a grown-up kid. He acts and feels more mature than his age.

Scottie cried and what touched many people was when he said these words while hugging Kryz: “I don’t want Mommy to cry.”

He was saying these words while he was also crying. At a young age, he is already very smart and very sensitive. He is being raised with so much love and that is what he is also giving to people around him.

Check out the video below:

In the same video, Kryz showed what she normally and randomly does in a day as a mother. She shared some random moments and some final bondings with her son before she has to go away.

Here are some comments:

The cracky yes. The pout. Scottie doesn’t want mom to cry. Now I’m crying as well. Staph it. You all are precious, I cannot

I badly need a “parenting” book from slater and kryz

Scottie is such a smart, sensitive and caring boy!

Scottie is such a sweet boy. How I wish when it’s my time and when I allow myself to be a mother I’ll have a child like him.

Scottie is a boy who is loved and knows how to love


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  1. I felt so emotional looking at scottie boo started to cry. I really adore this kid. He seems matured for his age because his mom and dad talks to him very often. Very good parenting for this couple kahit super yaman pero they are so grounded and teach their kids to be humble too.


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