Sierra Madre Trends in Twitter as Luzon Prepare for Bagyo Karding

Luzon Hope for Sierra Madre to Block the Super Typhoon Karding

Sierra Madre is one of the most trending topic in twitter as people are hoping for the mountain to protect the Luzon area from typhoon Karding.

On Twitter on Sunday, “Sierra Madre” was among the top trending topics as Luzon prepared for Super Typhoon Karding. Many online users acknowledged that Luzon is shielded from disasters by the Sierra Madre mountain range, which extends from Cagayan to Quezon.

Based on the report of GMA News, some people even shared images and videos of weather forecasts demonstrating how the longest mountain range in the Philippines is effectively blocking winds.

The report also mentioned that, others used the occasion to call for the preservation of Sierra Madre and opposition to the Kaliwa Dam project in Quezon, which has been criticized for lacking community and environmental approval.

With over 40,000 tweets, “Sierra Madre” is currently ranked fifth in the Philippines. Trending hashtags include “Sign the Petition” and “No to Kaliwa Dam.” The Sierra Madre, sometimes known as the “backbone of Luzon,” serves as a natural deterrent to typhoons that strike the northeastern Philippines.

Sierra Madre
Photo Credits: Hungry Chad

Called as the longest mountain range in the Philippines. On the eastern side of Luzon, the largest island in the archipelago, it extends over 540 kilometers (340 mi), establishing a north-south route from the province of Cagayan to the province of Quezon. The Northern mountain Natural Park, the largest protected area in the nation, is located in the province of Isabela near the northernmost point of the range. The park is on the shortlist for UNESCO’s World Heritage List.

Millions of people rely on the mountain range for food, water, and shelter. The mountain range is home to numerous watersheds and some of the Philippines’ oldest forests, which are among the largest remaining forest blocks in the nation. These forests include an old-growth dipterocarp forest, montane forests, and extensive lowland forests .

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