Lani Mercado Has This Advice To Vhong Navarro’s Wife

Lani Mercado was asked to give advice to Tanya Bautista

Actress-politician Lani Mercado stressed the importance of trusting what the Supreme Being can do when she was asked to give advice to Vhong Navarro‘s wife Tanya Bautista.

Amid the recent controversy that Vhong is facing because of the rape case filed by Deniece Cornejo, Tanya is standing by his side. Even back in 2014, when this issue started, Vhong’s wife was very supportive of him and this continued until now in their fight to prove the noontime show host’s innocence.

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In a recent interview, based on the video posted on the YouTube channel of Very Wang, Lani was asked to give her “payo” to Tanya as a wife of a man who is now going through a tough time.

The actress-politician said that there are really times that a person could not bare it anymore and this is the time to lift everything to what the Supreme Being can do. Lani Mercado also said that as a mother, the woman should always be strong.

The wife of Senator Bong Revilla also acknowledges the reality that as a human being, the need to express emotion is there. She said that it is fine because if the emotions are concealed inside, there is a tendency that a person will break down.

Lani Mercado
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Lani also highlighted the importance of having a strong support system. “Sila yung nagli-lift up sayo, sila yung nagpapalakas sayo,” she said. The actress-politician added that as much as possible, Tanya should stay away from social media for now. “Kasi hindi naman biro yung sitwasyon,” she said.

Lani Mercado also said that it is difficult to speak about this issue because it is a legal matter. “Actually, ayokong masyadong, mahirap i-discuss ito kasi may legal…” she said, adding that it is good to keep things in their proper place.

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