Health Benefits of Biking on Health & Environment – A Good Read!

HEALTH BENEFITS OF BIKING – Here is a good read about the impact of biking on the health of the cyclist and the environment.

Many people don’t get enough exercise because they don’t feel like going to the gym. The truth is – you can exercise in other ways. You can even do it while enjoying it with family and friends just like biking.

Benefits of Biking – What Many People Don’t Know about this Hobby of Some

List of Benefits of Biking on Health and Environment

BENEFITS OF BIKING – Here are some things that many people do not know about biking, the hobby of other individuals.

Biking, also called cycling by some people, has become the hobby of many individuals now. The COVID-19 pandemic also led many people to turn to bikes as mode of transportation to get to work.

For the biking hobbyists, they really make sure that they can go and bike at least once a week. Many claim it does not only keep them healthy but it also makes them feel a whole lot better. However, undeniably, to those who are not into it, these claims undeniably trigger questions. Is it really worth the try?

There are really several benefits of biking not only for health reasons but as well as for the environment. More bikes and less cars can definitely help in saving Mother Nature from the uncontrollable air pollution now.

Benefits of Biking
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With regards to the benefits of biking to the human body, there is really a long list and here are some of what it can do to the body based on an article by University of Montana:

  • builds strength
  • burns calories
  • builds endurance and stamina
  • boosts balance
  • defines shape and muscle tone
  • increases flexibility
  • improves joint mobility
  • boosts cardiovascular fitness
  • reduces stress levels
  • improves coordination
  • decreases stress levels

Based on the article, biking makes a person feel good thus there is more energy to do many other things throughout the day. Also, it lowers the risk of several diseases including the following:

  • heart attacks
  • diabetes
  • strokes

This hobby can also make one smarter. How? Biking increases the flow of oxygen, nutrients, and blood to the brain increasing the gray matter.

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