Robin Padilla Appeals to Public to ‘Move On’ from Martial Law

Robin Padilla Tells Public to Move On Ahead Martial Law Anniversary

Senator Robin Padilla appealed to the public to move on from the issue of martial law as the country remembers the 50th year of its declaration.

As the nation remembers the imposition of martial law by the late President Ferdinand E. Marcos Sr. on September 21, 1972, Senator Robinhood Padilla asked the Filipino people to ‘move on’. Actor and producer Padilla claimed that the Marcos family had already expressed regret.

‘’Para sa akin mag-move on na tayo mga anak. Kung may kasalanan man ang ating dating Pangulong Marcos Sr. hindi po kasalanan ng anak yun, wag po tayong ganun,” the Senator said.

Robin Padilla Martial Law

The son was alluding to Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr., the current president, based on the article of the Inquirer. Even Muslims and Catholics, according to Muslim Padilla, agree that Adam’s transgression is not our fault.

“Ako mismo personally pag hindi tayo nakaalis dyan sa marcos issue na yan at martial law issue na yan…” he added.

Meanwhile, President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. has no obligation to apologize, according to Senator Jinggoy Estrada, for what is regarded as one of the worst periods in Philippine history. Estrada even claimed that the majority of Filipinos supported Marcos Jr., indicating that a larger number of Filipinos did not accept the horrors and human rights abuses documented during the martial law regime.

The senator clarified that he still thinks victims of human rights violations should have the ability to voice their complaints. As thousands continue to be murdered, subjected to torture, kidnapped, or vanish, the anti-Marcos movement continues to express its sorrow and asserts that the Marcos family is hiding hidden wealth worth billions of pesos.

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