Markus Paterson Clarifies Viral Statement: ‘Me & Janella are friends’

Markus Paterson stood by his viral statement

Actor Markus Paterson clarified the controversial statement about avoiding having a relationship with someone in the industry and he said something about him and her ex-girlfriend Janella Salvador.

Following the confirmation that Markus and Janella are no longer together, netizens and showbiz fans talked about the statement that the actor had in a vlog. He said that one lesson he learned in his past relationship is never to have an affair with someone in showbiz.

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Because of this, he received negative reactions. In a recent interview, based on the article in PEP, the actor made clarifications on what he said. Going back to that episode of Boys After Dark vlog, in the recent episode, Markus Paterson said he will not change his statement.

I stand by what I said because what I said comes from my past, from my truth, and that’s my honest opinion about my future potential relationships. Yun lang yun,” the actor said.

To those putting malice into what he said, he said that people should not assume and just jump to conclusions. Markus also made a statement about Janella. “I respect Janella to the utmost of my ability, the woman that she has become, the mother that she has become. I will love her forever,” he said, adding that the actress has given him the best gift of his life.

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The actor also clarified that even though he and Janella broke up, they have remained friends. “Me and Janella, we are good. We are friends,” he said. Markus Paterson also said that they are co-parenting because their priority is their son Jude.

The actress is an amazing mother, the actor said, adding that he is trying to be an amazing father as well. He also said that he will never not love Janella because she gave him their son. This may not be on the romantic aspect but he said that she will always be a part of his life.

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