COVID-19 Booster Shot: Update on Booster Rates in PH Now

COVID-19 BOOSTER SHOT – Here is an update on the rates of booster shots given to Filipinos in the Philippines.

The Philippine government and the health authorities continue to urge the people to get their booster shots against the COVID-19. Although the end of the pandemic is in sight according to the World Health Organization (WHO), it is still not here. Based on a report on ABS-CBN News, 72.8 million Filipinos have completed their primary COVID doses. However, with regards to the booster shots, more than 18.6 million have received the 1st booster shot and 2.5 million Filipinos have received their 2nd booster shot. The government eyes boosting 23 million Filipinos within the first 100 days of the new admin.

New COVID-19 Symptoms: Loss Of Taste, Loss Of Smell

UK Health Experts Adds New COVID-19 Symptoms: Loss Of Smell And Taste

NEW COVID-19 SYMPTOMS – The United Kingdom’s government made a new advisory on Monday regarding the new coronavirus.

Months after the discovery of the new coronavirus, COVID-19, new symptoms have been discovered. Previously, diarrhea was found to be a symptom of COVID-19 after traces of the virus were found in stool.

There were also studies which found traces of the virus in semen. Furthermore, the UK government announced:

New COVID-19 Symptoms: Loss Of Taste, Loss Of Smell
Image from: The Scientist Magazine

From today, all individuals should self-isolate if they develop a new continuous cough or fever or anosmia,

According to an article from Anadolu, Anosmia is the loss or a change in your normal sense of smell. Additionally, it could also affect your sense of taste as the two are closely linked.

Previously, there were studies conducted linking COVID-19 to anosmia. However, the UK government said that they had no gathered enough evidence to be confident in its recommendation.

As per the report, they advised individuals who have lost their sense of taste and smell to isolate themselves for 14 days. Moreover, the statement was signed by the UK’s four chief medical officers.

Other countries such as the United States had previously added Ansomia to their list of symptoms. As such, some countries have criticized UK’s government for the delayed addition of the symptom to their list.

The prevalence is widespread. We used to see these patients occasionally but now we see them regularly.

If we had recognized this earlier, we would have reduced the spread. The reproduction rate of the virus would have been lower

Currently, the coronavirus has infected more than 4.73 million individuals worldwide. Along with this, at least 315,000 have succumbed to the virus with over 1.74 million recoveries.

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