Binondo Food Crawl: Enjoy Eating While Learning in This Food Tour

Eating and learning can be an exciting combo due to Binondo Food Crawl

Enjoy Chinese cuisine and delicacies while learning the history of Chinatown in the Philippines through Binondo Food Crawl.

Don’t Skip Manila and the Chinatown Museum has this limited offer for everyone who wants to explore not just the food but also the history of one of the world’s biggest Chinatown.

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Binondo was initially designated by the Spaniards for Chinese migrants, based on the article in As years went by, the place catered to Filipinos and foreigners as well.

On September 17, 24, and October 1, guests can avail the Binondo Food -Crawl promo. Guests can have an all-inclusive tour for P1,200 per person. Along with satisfying your cravings for Chinese food, you are also feeding your mind a history lesson on the famous Chinatown and neighboring areas will be done as well.

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The tour begins at the New Binondo Arch in Escolta. Guests will hear the Chinese migrants’ stories, as well as how they developed this kind of place while including the Filipino culture also.

The next stop is the Polland Hopia Factory. It is one of the famous bakeries in Binondo. Guests can learn the art of making hopia or mung bean cake in this place.

After the hopia-making experience, guests will once again have a history lesson. This time, it is in front of Binondo Church. Then, another food adventure follows.

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Guests will visit famous restaurants such as Toho Panciteria Antigua which is the oldest restaurant in the Philippines, and Wai Ying Dimsum.

After the food trip, the last history lesson will take place in Chinatown Museum. The Binondo Food Crawl lasts about three hours and a half, so be sure to be ready for a lot of walking, as well as learning.

binondo food crawl
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