Bongbong Marcos On Being Called “The Son Of The Late Dictator”

Bongbong Marcos addressed this tag against him

President Bongbong Marcos reacted to the “the son of the late dictator” tag that is being used against him by news outlets.

For those who are against the regime of the late President Ferdinand Marcos, he was a dictator. However, for those who are loyal to him and his family, he was someone who did a great job as a president.

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📷: Toni Talks YT Channel

What happened more than three decades ago is still being reflected in the current political arena. It is known to many Filipinos, especially during the election season, that PBBM was called “the son of the late dictator” in write-ups and news reports.

When asked about this tag in a recent Toni Talks special interview, President Bongbong Marcos said that he does not get affected by it. The Chief Executive said that it is because he knows those people using that tag are wrong.

He went on to say that if his father was a dictator, he could have not used other people’s opinions in making decisions for the country. PBBM shared that he saw his father having forums and discussions with people in the same room where the interview happened.

📷: Toni Talks YT Channel

“Ang diktador hindi nagkokonsulta. There was more consultation in his time than there had been in many following administrations,” he said. The President also said that his father would talk to people from different industries and would ask them what they want to happen.

President Bongbong Marcos also stressed that everything his father did as a President was done after consultations. “You can say what you want, that’s your opinion. You’re wrong,” he said, adding that he will only get hurt by the accusation if it was true.

In explaining his father’s decision in declaring Martial Law, PBBM debunked the allegation that it was because FEM wanted to stay in power for a longer period of time. The President said that at that time, there were wars against CPP-NPA and a secessionist movement from the South and his father had to defend the country against these two forces.

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