‘Uwi na papa, gutom na kami’: Boy’s Appeal after Father Arrested

Appeal of Boy to His Arrested Father Touches Hearts of Netizens

A young boy touches a lot of hearts online after he appealed to his father to come home after being arrested as a riding-in-tandem.

A young boy drew the attention of the online community when he left a remark on a post on the Facebook page “Krusada” showing the arrest of two suspects who were riding in tandem. His father was one of the arrested suspects, according to the post.

Boy Father Arrested

Tata Baer, a 38-year-old man from Brgy, was recognized as the boy’s father. Leyte, Santa Cruz, and Hilongos. Mac Mac Acosta, a 27-year-old resident of Poblacion, Hilongos, Leyte, was his accomplice.

Baer was found to be in possession of a 45 caliber weapon and more than 20,000 pesos. According to the report, a 45 caliber was also discovered in Mac Mac’s possession.

Rolando Baer, a minor, pleaded with his father to return home in a comment on Krusada’s post as they haven’t been able to eat. Baer’s son likewise laments the arrest of his father as they supposedly have no mother and would soon lose a father owing to the arrest.

“Papa pa olinapa (Papa umuwi kana),” the kid said.

“Pa Wana baya. Simama onsa onna baninamo papa wanamimamakaonani papa (Pa wala na si mama, ano po ang gagawin namin, wala po kaming makakain nito papa),” the kid added.

The child claimed they have nothing to eat in his third comment, adding that they still want to study. “Papa Wana mi makaon papa looy kaayomi papa ign iskwilapa mi papa (Papa wala po kaming makain, kawawa po kami papa, mag-aaral pa kami papa).”

In the child’s remark, his father is the one with the jacket named “gap”. On the aforementioned post, some online users offered their sympathies and compassion for the young youngster.

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