Calvin Abueva Chides ‘P100k Pusta’ of Jormiel Labador

P100k Pusta of Jormiel Labador Against Calvin Abueva ‘Masyadong Mababa’

CALVIN ABUEVA – The PBA player chided that alleged ‘P100k pusta’ of Rendon Labador’s brother Jormiel also known as ‘Haring Bangis’.

The Abueva criticized the stake of Jormiel against him for a 1on1 basketball game. Jormiel boastfully challenged the Magnolia Hotshots player on his video uploaded on his account.

Calvin Abueva Accepts Challenge of Rendon Labador Bro, Jormiel

Calvin Abueva Accepts Challenge of Jormiel Labador, Rendon’s Brother

Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) player Calvin Abueva accepted the challenge of Jormiel Labador, brother of vlogger Rendon.

Calvin Abueva of the Magnolia Hotshots, widely known as “The Beast,” accepted Jormiel “Haring Bangis” Labador’s challenge. In the video that he posted to his Instagram, Jormiel challenged Abueva to a game of one-on-one basketball.

Calvin Abueva Rendon Brother

He challenges Abueva to a game of basketball in a race to twelve, promising to finish it immediately away. Jormiel reportedly wants to wager P100,000 on their upcoming bout with Abueva.

Despite the fact that Jormiel’s brother is currently trending due to the challenge that retired PBA player Marc Pingris issued to him, Abueva has also answered him. Abueva criticizes Jormiel’s request for a stake, saying it is too low for him.

“Masyadong mababa pusta mo, after nang conference lalabanan kita ahaha,” said Abueva in her Instagram story.

But it appears that Jormiel is impatient for the PBA conference to complete and is eager to defeat Abueva, one of the finest players in the league, in a one-on-one match. Japeth Aguilar, who is prepared to give Rendon his house in the event that Rendon defeats Pingris, was also criticized by him.

“Matagal pa yang conference eh, ang dami niyong request, bat kasi ganyan ang mga PBA player. Ako kasi pag may naghamon sakin palag agad eh,” he said.

“Kung ipupusta mo ‘yung bahay niyo, ganon na ba kayo katakot na matalo si Pingris kasi bahay lang ang ipinusta mo. Kapag naglaban yang dalawang yan [Rendon at Pingris], hindi lang bahay ipupusta ko, pati lupa at kotse ko boy,” the vlogger added.

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