Ivana Alawi Shares Meaningful Birthday Celebration Of Mona

Here’s a vlog of Ivana Alawi showing how Mona celebrated her 18th birthday.

IVANA ALAWI – Alawi family prepared this heartfelt and fun birthday celebration for Mona Alawi who just turned 18.

Simple, practical, and meaningful is the birthday celebration of Mona Alawi when she turned 18 years old. According to Kapamilya actress Ivana Alawi, her younger sister opted to celebrate this milestone in her life in a very simple way. She doesn’t want them to spend so much on her.

Ivana even added that she encouraged her to go to Korea to enjoy but this plan wasn’t pushed through because they don’t want to go there without her. She even wanted to hold a big party for her younger sister but Mona prefer something else. She wants the money to be of good use. Mona wants to help other people who are sick.

For Ivana, time went by so fast. She’s suddenly 18 – the age she told her that she will be allowed to have a boyfriend.

And for the party, Mona chose to celebrate it in The Vineyard. They are complete just like how Mona wanted to happen for that day. Of course, they prepared a surprise for her. They have had a venue designed and set-up in blue theme.

There were foods, balloons all over the place, and a cake. There were also arcade equipment for entertainment and it was really just them. There are no guests – just them as a family – complete and together.

Ivana also prepared fireworks for their youngest.

Watch the full vlog below:

And here are some of the comments:

Mona has a good heart. Instead of having a big birthday party, she wanted to donate to a good cause.

Ang kyut ng naisip ni Mona. Happy 18th bday!!! Sobrang mature mag-isip ni Mona when it comes to finances and her drive to help others kesa sa magarbong party.

The most meaningful 18th birthday I have ever seen.

Mona was guided and raised by her family very well.

Happy 18th Birthdaaay, Mona! Deserved mo lahat ng love namin sayo!!


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