True Faith Vocalist Denies Being the Father of Jaclyn Jose’s Son

True Faith Vocalist Reacts After Tagged as Father of Jaclyn Jose’s Son

MEDWIN MARFIL – The True Faith ban vocalist has denied the rumors that he is the father of actress Jaclyn Jose’s son.

After being identified by certain online users as the father of Gwen Garimond Ilagan Guck, the son of renowned actress Jaclyn Jose, Marfil refuted the aforementioned accusations. The clarification was made when Jaclyn made news a few days earlier by disparaging her son’s father.

Jaclyn Son Father

Following the news, some online users asserted that Medwin Marfil, the vocalist for True Faith, was Gwen’s father. The rumor was refuted on Twitter by Medwin, who claimed that he is not the father of Jaclyn’s son.

“Sorry, hinde po ako ang ama ng son ni Jane/Jaclyn,” Medwin clarified on Twitter.

The father of Jaclyn’s son, in Medwin’s estimation, is a former member of his band’s guitar section. Kenneth Ilagan, who joined True Faith and The Dawn in the 1990s, is the one to whom Medwin is alluding.

“Ex-guitarist namin ang daddy ng son,” he said.

After announcing her retirement, Mary Jane Santa Ana Guck, better known by her stage name Jaclyn Jose, shocked the entertainment industry. On social media, Andi Eigenmann’s mother announced her retirement.

She admitted that retiring hurts, but she knows it’s the right thing to do, so she made the decision. The actress claimed that her decision was influenced by her deep affection for her daughters, Andi and Gwen Garimond.

She hasn’t yet fully discussed her reasons for retiring, including how Andi and Gwen were involved. She later clarified, however, that her GMA contract prevented her from retiring quite yet.

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