Hot Pot Spot In Pasay: Try These Hearty Meals At Sichu Malatang

Visit this hot pot spot in Pasay City

Sichu Malatang is a perfect hot pot spot where you have a hearty meal to satisfy your craving, especially on a rainy day.

Many people love to eat food when it is raining and many also have certain cravings when the cold season comes. If you want a steaming bowl that could make your stomach full and your tastebuds satisfied, try this place in Pasay City.

hot pot sichu malatang
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Sichu Malatang is located at Level 1, South Entertainment Mall, Mall of Asia, Pasay. This restaurant is open from Monday to Sunday, from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. Based on the article in, malatang is a form of street food from Sichuan Province in China. It is the version of the said province of the hot pot.

This kind of meal is usually cooked beside the diners’ table but Sichu Malatang does this differently. Steaming hot bowls are being prepared by Chinese chefs inside the kitchen but this won’t take long. With this, the establishment has some kind of a fast-food feel.

There is a spot where diners can choose what to add to their bowls such as fresh greens, various noodles, meats, and seafood. The diners have the choice if they want to add more or just put less.

hot pot
📷: Sichu Malatang FB Page

A 300-gram malatang bowl starts at P330. This is already satisfying for solo eaters. The 1-kilo malatang bowl starts at P1,100 and this is good for four persons. Diners can also choose if they want a steaming hot bowl of malatang for the traditional hot pot. Aside from this, they also have the option to go for the Malaxiangguo style for a dry pot approach.

Sichu Malatang has a five-level hierarchy for its dishes. Level one is the most tolerable for the average Filipino. The highest level, which is five, is not yet available Mall of Asia branch menu but it can be found at the Double Dragon Plaza branch. 

📷: Sichu Malatang FB Page

P1.10 is the price for a gram of spice for malatang while it costs P1.36 per gram for the Malaxiangguo style. The restaurant also offers side dishes such as Chinese sausage, Rice Cake Slices, and Spicy BBQ Skewers. 

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