Francine Diaz Walks Out After Cruel Prank By Wil Dasovich

Wil Dasovich Successfully Pranks Francine Diaz

FRANCINE DIAZ – Kapamilya actress Francine Diaz walked out while shooting a Youtube vlog with multi-award-winning Youtuber and influencer Wil Dasovich.

Francine Diaz is known for playing Cassandra “Cassie” Mondragon in Kapamilya’s hit afternoon drama ‘Kadenang Ginto.’ She starred alongside Andrea Brillantes, Seth Fedelin, and Kyle Echarri.

After the success of the tv series, Francine now has an upcoming teleserye with Seth called ‘Dirty Linen.’ In a previous article, Andrea shared her reaction to Francine and Seth’s new series.  She expressed her support and sent a congratulatory to the two actors.

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Francine Diaz was recently featured in Will Dasovich’s vlog. The Fil-Am vlogger pulled off a successful prank on the actress. According to Dasovich, this was payback for all the pranks that the “self-proclaimed master pranker” did in the past.

The 18-year-old celebrity has pranked multiple showbiz personalities such as the Beks Battalion, her manager, and her family among others. This time, the well-known vlogger wanted Francine to have a taste of her own medicine.

“Papakita natin sa kanya kung sino talaga ang tunay na master prankster,” said Dasovich.

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Before pulling the prank, Will Dasovich talked to some people close to Francine Diaz and admitted he wasn’t very good with pranks. He also said that he’s scared to prank Francine since she is a good actress herself.

Dasovich tried to make himself look and feel uneasy with the questions being thrown by the Kapamilya actress during their shoot for Francine’s vlog. Dasovich was “taken aback” by one of the questions because he was not been prepared for it, which made Francine turn to stare at her manager.

Francine made the decision to end the interview with the vlogger due to the uneasiness. The actress had already left the building when Wil said it was a prank. Francine discovered that everything was a joke when Wil chased her down in the lobby.

Watch the video below:

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