Pototan Jail Inmates Stage Protest Due to Lack of Food, Warden Replaced

Pototan Jail Inmates Stage Protest Shouting “Gutom Kami, Layas Warden”, Warden Immediately Replaced

Pototan Jail Inmates have staged a protest at the roof of BJMP in Iloilo shouting “Gutom Kami, Layas Warden”.

The Facebook page “DYRI 774 Iloilo” has shared photos of inmates from the Bureau of Jail Management and Penology (BJMP) in Pototan, Iloilo demonstrating a protest. The post garnered various reactions from the online community.

In the photos, it can be seen that the inmates have gathered atop the roof to launch a protest due to the lack of food. The inmates expressed their dismay and frustrations to the authorities.

Pototan Jail Inmates

The protest has been performed by Persons Deprived of Liberty (PDL) due to the hunger experienced by inmates inside the detention facility. The inmates hold a placard with words written “Gutom Kami, Layas Warden”.

Over 100 inmates joined the protest, which has been conducted around 9:00 am on Wednesday morning (August 24, 2022). BJMP legal team of Nanga Pototan said that they are willing to negotiate with inmates.

On Thursday (August 25, 2022), the inmates of BJMP-Nanga Pototan rejoiced after their former warned named Chief Inspector Norberto Miciano Jr. has been dismissed from his post and replaced by Chief Inspector Denver Beltran.

Pototan Jail Inmates

The inmates expressed their frustrations against Miciano for limiting the supply of food. The former warden’s inhumane act has been discovered after BJMP Regional Director General Clint Russel Tangeres visited the facility.

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Pototan Jail Inmates

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