Intramuros Filipiñana Costume & Photo Tour Details

Enjoy the Intramuros Filipiñana Costume & Photo Tour on September 3

Travel company WanderManila is offering a Filipiñana Costume & Photo Tour in Intramuros and here are the details of this wonderful event.

The Walled City is one of the tourist attractions in Manila and this place has become a witness to Philippine history. It was built during the Spanish era and was able to withstand the test of time. Over the years, it has catered to many tourists of all ages who definitely enjoyed the historical feel that it gives.

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WanderManila recently announced that together with Renacimiento Manila, Don’t Skip Manila, A.K.I.M., and The Heritage Collective, a Filipiñana Costume & Photo Tour will be held in Intramuros on September 3, Saturday.

Participants must wear their best Spanish or American Era Filipiñana costumes and they will be toured around the iconic locations in The Walled City through the Tranvia. Photos of the guests will be taken by their team of photographers.

Each participant will pay P1000 as a tour fee and each will be allowed to enter Fort Santiago and Baluarte de San Diego. Guests will also get a set of photographs from the official photographers of the tour organizer and a loot bag with loads of goodies. The tour schedules are 8am, 10am, 2pm, & 4pm. To sign up for this tour visit click this link.

During the Spanish era, Intramuros was considered the entire City of Manila. Areas, arrabales, or suburbs, outside the Walled City, were called extramuros. This was also considered a religious and educational center of the Spanish East Indies. The original University of Santo Tomas, the oldest university in Asia, was located inside the Walled City.

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