Angelica Yap “Pastillas Girl” Reveals Reason Behind Rhinoplasty

“Pastillas Girl” Angelica Yap reveals the real reason behind her nasal surgery.

ANGELICA YAP – Content creator “Pastillas Girl” Angelica Yap undergoes rhinoplasty surgery and it is not for aesthetic purposes of her face.

Pastillas Girl Angelica Yap is among the most followed personalities on YouTube with four million subscribers on her channel. She documents her life and she shares the highlights of her life on her channel.

She is in a relationship with Flow G, a famous rapper. And just recently, she had rhinoplasty surgery. She documented her journey and she shared this on her channel. Cosmetic surgery such as rhinoplasty is common to famous personalities to enhance their face and for aesthetic purposes. Celebrities need to enhance their face because it’s a part of their job.

But for Pastillas Girl, doing this has a greater purpose behind it. Her nose’s structure is not right which resulted in difficulty in her breathing. The incorrect structure of her nose made her breathe 20 percent of air only in one whole and 80 percent in the other. And this is the reason why she’ll have the surgery – to make her breathe easier.

Just like everyone else, she suffered swelling in the face and pain in her face after the surgery. She was also not allowed to eat solid food and for a week, she was prohibited to take a bath. On the second day after her surgery, the swelling became worse but just a natural occurrence.

She followed all the pieces of advice from her doctor and her boyfriend was there all throughout her journey to recovery. On the sixth day, she can speak a bit clearly already, and on the seventh day, she returned to have her stitches removed.

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