Teakha Chinese Restaurant in Pasig City offers reliably delicious food

Visit Teakha Chinese Restaurant in Pasig City and enjoy the food

Teakha Chinese Restaurant – This restaurant may not convenient enough for many people but this offers reliably delicious food that will make you come back.

Chinese food has been part of the Filipino culture. The Philippines has adapted some of the famous Chinese cuisines and new twists were made. This Chinese restaurant in Pasig, based on the food review by Spot.ph, can compete with other Chinese restaurants that have become famous among Filipinos.

teakha chinese restaurant
📷: Teakha FB Page

The restaurant is located along a busy road but too close to Estancia Mall, which poses a challenge for the owner as this area would not be so appealing to the people. However, the challenging location is worth it because the restaurant Teakha Chinese restaurant can provide mouthwatering dishes for customers.

It is owned by Angelita Go who began working with Chef Melchor Rafael Jr. as a caterer and sold Chinese food online. The restaurant was launched last April and features cozy interiors that give warmth to the customers.

📷: Teakha FB Page

There are potted plants and aquariums for live seafood inside, and there is yellow pendulum lighting from the ceiling cascading down the wall. Teakha also features modern leather plush seating and industrial tables.

📷: Teakha FB Page

Among the famous dishes of Teakha are Shrimp Dumpling (P145/four pieces), also called hakaw, Lobster Buttered with Lemon Sauce (P450/100 grams), Nestum Chicken (P360/small, P485/medium, P595/large), Honey Glazed Prawn (P550/small, P606/medium, P807/large), Salted Fish Fried Rice (P365/small, P450/medium, P580/large [one tray]), and Chicken Feet (P120).

📷: Teakha FB Page

The restaurant’s co-owner and project head, Kyle Go, said that they are prioritizing how to retain excellent quality with the menu highlights, as well as with every dish they offer.

teakha chinese restaurant
📷: Teakha FB Page

You can visit this restaurant located at 707 Shaw Boulevard, Pasig City. It is open from 8 a.m. to 11 p.m., Monday to Sunday. For more information, visit www.facebook.com/teakha.ph.

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