Pastil – Trending 10 Pesos Street Food in Quiapo Market

What is Pastil? Here is the Secret Behind Trending 10 Pesos Street Food in Quiapo Market

PASTIL – Here is the trending 10 pesos street food in Quiapo Market, Manila, which is popular with locals and tourists.

Filipino people are popularly known as food enthusiasts in various countries all around the world. Most of our countrymen love to find and explore different cuisines and dishes to satisfy their taste buds.

Filipino cuisines have already evolved due to the influence of foreign cultures and traditions. Local dishes underwent changes throughout the decades but retained the traditional way of cooking such as boiling, steaming, and roasting.


Throughout the years, dishes in the Philippines have drastically multiplied as Filipino food enthusiasts continue to innovate and engage in food technology.

Pastil, or pastel is one of the most underrated dishes in the country. It is a Filipino-packed rice dish made with steamed rice wrapped in banana leaves with dry shredded beef, chicken, or fish.

This dish originates from the Maguindanao people and is considered as one of the most popular yet affordable breakfasts in Mindanao. The dish is also known as patil, patel, patir, or pater in Maranao and paster in Iranun.

Pastil’s meat component is called “Kagikit”, which is usually made up of shredded beef or chicken. The meat is cooked similar to adobo, which gives a rich and delicious taste to the dish.

Meanwhile, the white rice is mixed with a little bit of glutinous rice so it can maintain its shape. The rice and meat will be covered in banana leaves. In some stalls, vendors also offer oil to customers.


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