Vocabulario De La Lengua Tagala by Juan de Noceda and Pedro de Sanlucar

What is Vocabulario De La Lengua Tagala? Here’s what you need to know.

VOCABULARIO DE LA LENGUA TAGALA – This is the earliest Tagalog dictionary that survived, by Juan de Noceda and Pedro de Sanlucar.

A compilation of “Tagalog language and culture at the time of the Spanish conquest” is the Vocabulario De La Lengua Tagala published by Fr. Pedro de San Buenaventura, a Franciscan friar. It was published in Pila, Laguna in the year 1613 and this is considered a rare book. It contains a simple list of Spanish words with their equivalents in Tagalog.

Vocabulario De La Lengua Tagala

However, before this book, a written vocabulario was also created by Juan de Plasencia but it was not printed.

But the one that earned the most recognition was the one published in the year 1754 written by Fray Juan Jose de Noceda and Fray Pedro de Sanlucar.

A Filipino edition was published in 2013 by the Komisyon sa Wikang Filipino and this was edited by Virgilio S. Almario, Elvin Ebreo and Anna Maria Yglopaz.

When Miguel Lopez de Legazpi stepped foot in the country with his six Augustinian missionary friars, they met people that have their own culture. Filipinos during this time were accordingly pretty civilized already. Luzon people spoke various languages and dialects.

And in terms of language, the early recording showed that the most spoken language is Tagalog. The other dialects spoken were Ibanag, Bicolano, Kapampangan, Ilocano, and Pangasinense.

From the year 1593 to 1898, several books were made including confesionarios, prayer books, novenas,  doctrines, and other works apart from the dictionary.

Here are some:

  • “Compendio de la Lengua Tagala” by Gaspar de San Agustin (1760)
  • “Arte de la Lengua Tagala” by Tomas Ortiz (1740)
  • “Gramatica de la lengua Tagala dispuesta para la mas facil inteligencia de los religiosos principiantes” by Manuel Buzeta (1850)
  • “Estudio de los antiguos alfabetos Filipinos” by Cipriano de Marcilla (1895)
  • “Ensayo de gramatica Hispano-Filipina” (1878) and “Estudios comparativos entre el Tagalo (Filipinas) y el Sanscrito” (1888) by Toribio Minguella y Arnedo

There were many books published and the above stated are just some of them. Each religious order like the Augustinians and Dominicans published several works in orthographic and linguistics in Tagalog.


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