Lawmakers Filed Bill Seeking P3k Monthly Payment & Other Benefits for Brgy. Health Workers

Lawmakers Filed Bill Seeking P3k Monthly Payment and Other Benefits for Accredited Brgy. Health Workers

Several lawmakers have filed a bill seeking P3, 000 monthly payments and other benefits for barangay health workers.

Representatives Paolo Duterte (Davao City), Eric Yap (Benguet), Edvic Yap, Jocelyn Tulfo and Jeffrey Soriano of ACT-CIS party-list and Ralph Tulfo (Quezon City) filed the bill seeking to provide more benefits for health workers in every barangay.

The solon filed House Bill 450, which aims to provide P3, 000 monthly honorarium along with other benefits for barangay health workers. The bill also aims to give P10, 000 cash incentive funds for retired BHWs who served for at least 15 years.


“While doctors and nurses receive most of the public recognition for their life-saving roles during the pandemic, BHWs have remained almost unacknowledged for their sacrifices. It is about time that we recognize the incomparable service of our BHWs by providing them compensation and benefits,” Paolo Duterte states.

The measure also wanted BHWs to receive an annual cash gift of not less than the minimum monthly honorarium. The annual cash gift will be only released to accredited barangay health workers every December.

The cash gift will come from barangay and other fund sources of the national government.


Here is the list of other benefits on the bill:

•          Subsistence allowance, which should not be less than P100 per day

•          Transportation allowance worth at least P1,000

•          Hazard fee with a minimum amount of P1,000

The Magna Carta for BHWs also urged government agencies and the Department of Health to give training and education programs for barangay health employees. BHWs should be also entitled to free medical care and P5, 000 financial assistance during times of extreme emergency.

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