Angeline Quinto Admits To Saying “I Love You” First To Nonrev

Kapamilya singer Angeline Quinto shares her share of struggles in her relationship with her current partner.

ANGELINE QUINTO – Here are some revelations from Kapamilya singer Angeline Quinto regarding her relationship with Nonrev Daquina.

Nonrev Daquina is the non-showbiz partners of Kapamilya singer Angeline Quinto, who is also the father of her son. After announcing her pregnancy to the public, she also slowly opened up about their relationship.

And in a recent interview with Luis Manzano, Angge and Nonrev appeared together as guests in the new vlog of the host. In the interview, they answered questions and also made some revelations. Accordingly, in their relationship, it was Angge who said “I love you” first.

After their first meeting, she immediately got attracted to him and she wasn’t also shy to admit that she was the one who sometimes does the first move. She initiated their talks, asked him questions, and did things that eventually made Nonrev appreciate her.

She said her first “I love you” to him on phone and he responded. They took it as a sign to make their relationship official. But their relationship wasn’t all easy. They’ve had their fair share of struggles and one of which is her manager who, at first, did not agree with their relationship.

But Nonrev was persistent. He showed that he truly cared and he exerted effort to make them realize that his intention toward the singer is pure. He really loved her.

As for Angeline, she found the situation hard. She once thought of ending their relationship. They’ve had doubts if they should continue it. But when Sylvio, their baby, came, everything changed.

The first time seeing their baby was the happiest moment for the singer.

Watch the interview below:

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sobrang bagay si nonrev at angge.

Mas lalo gumaganda si Angeline gwapo din ang partner nya

Naiiyak nman ako ke Nonrev

Yung alm ni Angge pano saluhin yung sagot ksi mahiyain si Nonrev

Ang tipid magsalita ni nonrev


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