Vico Sotto Photo With President Bongbong Marcos Catches Attention

People online have these various reactions to the photo of Vico Sotto with President Bongbong Marcos.

VICO SOTTO – Many netizens expressed reactions to the photos of President Bongbong Marcos and Pasig City Mayor Vico Sotto.

In a previous article, a tweet from current Pasig City Mayor Vico Sotto about “Marcos Not A Hero” has resurfaced online. His post was a call out to stop historical revisionism and strongly stated that Marcos is not a hero but a dictator.

And now, many years after making this Tweet, people recalled this in particular after seeing him in one frame with the dictator’s son President Bongbong Marcos. It was taken at an event at the Pasig City Sports Complex.

The president arrived and one of those who welcomed him was the Pasig mayor. Sotto welcome him and expressed that may the president’s presence will encourage more residents to get vaccinated. This is in line with the ‘Pinas Lakas’ objective in the first 100 days of the Marcos administration – to make more people get their booster against COVID-19.

“Ang sadya ko dito ngayong hapon ay napakasimple, tingnan ang maganda at napakahusay na pagtakbo ng booster roll out ngayon. We congratulate the city gov’t of Pasig, napakaayos,” says the president in that event.

He is also confident that more people will have their vaccines and eventually make the rates higher in order to prevent lockdowns in the future.

Many people tagged him as an “enabler” but also many understood his situation because as a mayor, he cannot be rude to the president. One commenter expressed that “breathing the same air” as the president won’t make him an enabler.

What he did was respectful and basically being professional. And something that a decent politician will do to someone who is of a higher position. And something that anyone will do to everyone regardless of any position.

Check out other comments below:

Perhaps Vico’s action is more leaning towards respecting the Office

Ah, I remember being QRTed for criticizing Vico’s silence. Kesyo noong 2016 raw nag-tweet siya ng “Never Again”.

what do u expect vico to do???

He has a job. He welcomed the president. Basic.

His personal stand & opinion against him should not stand in d way of getting support from d gov’t 4 d people of Pasig.

Vico is just a mayor and under the powers of national govt.


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