Lolit Solis Shares Health Update: “…may konti pang water sa lungs.”

Here’s an update from Lolit Solis who is currently in hospital and in complete bed rest.

LOLIT SOLIS – Veteran showbiz reporter Lolit Solis shares she is currently in hospital and she cannot leave yet.

It is inevitable that old people will encounter health issues along the way. And just recently, in a social media post update, veteran showbiz reporter Lolit Solis shared that she got hospitalized. It has been weeks since she got hospitalized but up until now, she can’t be discharged.

Lolit Solis

Accordingly, she still has water in her lungs which is why her doctor cannot allow her to leave the hospital for now. She did not share the specific reason why she was hospitalized but she expressed her gratitude to people who reached out to her and prayed for her recovery.

And just recently, in an Instagram post, she shared that she’s already going nuts staying in FEU Hospital. She previously said that staying there is giving her negative and sad energy and she’s really rushing to come out already.

However, her doctor cannot clear her yet for discharge because she still got water in her lungs. She even joked that she can donate the water to NAWASA just so she can get out from there and finally breathe fresh air. Her hospital room seems suffocating her.

She said, “Gusto ng doctor ko all clear bago ako palabasin, sabi niya may konti pang water sa lungs. Naku, i donate ko na ang water sa Nawasa dahil may water shortage naman. Grabe na ang parang suffocation feeling ko sa loob ng kuwarto ko. Parang gusto ko na ng fresh air, huh huh huh.”

All these things and feelings she’s going through now seem to become a traumatizing experience for her. It’s her first time staying long in a hospital and promised to do well in terms of her health so she won’t suffer from the same experience ever again.


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