Rowena Guanzon: Teacher Apologizes After Calling Congresswoman ‘Buangzon’

Teacher Apologizes After Calling Congresswoman Rowena Guanzon ‘Buangzon’

ROWENA GUANZON – A netizen, who was later identified as a teacher, apologized after calling congresswoman Rowena Guanzon ‘Buangzon.’

Filipina lawyer Maria Rowena Amelia Villena Guanzon is a public servant and politician. She served as Commission on Elections (COMELEC) commissioner from 2015 to 2021. She is now the official representative of party-list Komunidad ng Pamilya, Pasyente at Persons with Disability (P3PWD) in the 19th Congress,

The 64-year-old native of Cadiz City, Negros Occidental is known by many for her feisty and outspoken roles in public service. She’s currently the ‘Queen of Bardagulan.’

Comelec Commissioner Rowena Guanzon
Photo lifted from The Manila Times

Esquire Philippines defines “bardagulan” as a loose translation of sh*tposting or a situation where social media users pretty much shoot the breeze and vent their thoughts, frequently in a sarcastic or mocking tone, about a specific topic.

Rowena Guanzon recently made rounds on social media after she asked actress Ruffa Gutierrez regarding her two helpers who were allegedly thrown out of a first-class subdivision. Guanzon said that her friend rescued the employees of the actress from her house.

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Just recently, a netizen, who was allegedly a teacher, called Rowena Guanzon “Buangzon.” He made a derogatory statement on one of the congresswoman’s posts on Facebook where the latter was harvesting fish at her farm.

“Itulak niyo yang BUANGZON na yan,” the netizen said.

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Thereafter, the teacher issued an apology to Guanzon, which the congresswoman also accepted. In his apology, the teacher said sorry for the things that he said to her. He also said that she was his idol and that he admires her bravery.

“Good afternoon sa lahat I have to apologize to Atty. Rowena Guanzon sa nasabi ko Mam, sorry po d ko po intention na magsabi ng ganyan mam kasi unang una idol poh kita mam… I admire your bravery mam Rowena Guanzon. Sana po patawarin mo ako sa nasabi ko Mam… hope mapatawad mo po ako Mam Rowena Guanzon. god bless poh Mam!!!”

The congresswoman accepted the apology.

“Madali naman tayo kausap kaya apology accepted! You are teacher in Immaculate Heart of Mary, so always act with kindness.”

Photo Source: @attyrowenaguanzon FB
Photo Source: @attyrowenaguanzon FB
Photo Source: @attyrowenaguanzon FB

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