Boy Abunda Reacts To Ella Cruz’s “History Is Like Chismis” Remark

Boy Abunda shared his profound explanation of Ella Cruz’s viral statement

King of Talk Boy Abunda, a veteran showbiz personality, shared his reaction to the “history is like chismis” statement of young actress Ella Cruz.

Tito Boy previously shared the five kinds of gossip, according to his research. This is in line with the viral statement of Ella who is one of the cast members of the movie Maid in Malacanang, which tackles the last 72 hours of the Marcoses in the Palace.

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On June 15, Tito Boy shared a video on his YouTube channel about the discussion he had with historian Xiao Chua for Rappler Talk with the topic concentrated on the “history is like chismis” statement of Ella.

After a long discussion and exchanges of points of view, Boy Abunda said that he called Ella Cruz immediately when her statement went controversial. Then, the veteran TV host shared his thoughts on celebrities endorsing certain politicians.

He said celebrities who are endorsing politicians should have a personality or image that is aligned with the politician they are endorsing. Those celebrities who discuss politics or intend to be involved in political discussions should study, the King of Talk said.

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Tito Boy also stressed that the presumption that being in showbiz means that a celebrity is “bobo” should be stopped. He stressed that there are brilliant people in the entertainment industry.

For historian Xiao Chua, the statement of Ella Cruz was harmless, in a normal circumstance. He admitted that at first, he was hurt as a historian that the works of his fellow historians are regarded as gossip. Initially, he refused to say anything about the issue. However, Chua said that the points in Ella’s statement should be considered.

For his conclusion, Xiao Chua said that “history is not just chismis”. “Ang kasaysayan ay kwento nating lahat, may saysay sa atin, kaya dapat pahalagahan natin,” the historian said adding that we should make sure that this remains intact.

Boy Abunda said, “chismis is part of our historical discourse.” He added that many parts of their discussion mentioned “chismis” that need to be verified but they could not say that “chismis” is not part of history.

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