Bea Alonzo Shares Powerful Love Advice To Younger Star Francine Diaz

Francine Diaz receives this kind piece of advice from Bea Alonzo when it comes to love.

BEA ALONZO – In video content, Francine Diaz and Bea Alonzo collaborate, and here are some lessons the latter shared.

In the recent vlog of Francine Diaz, she had Bea Alonzo as her recent guest where she asked her random questions. And for the first one, Bea was asked how’s her heart and immediately, she answered she was happy. It’s not the ecstatic happiness but it’s the kind of happiness that gives her peace, calm, and security – some things that she never thought she would want.

As much as many are aware, Alonzo has had several relationships with people who gave her both happiness and heartbreaks. And the one she’s currently in love with and happy to be in a relationship with is Dominic Roque.

And being someone who is older and who has been through a lot already, especially in the love department, she shared something with Francine and with the youth in general. She stressed the importance of respect for each other.

It is also essential to take things easy but real. She does not prefer playing games as it may send the wrong message to the other person.

Alonzo also drew from her own failed relationships when she explained self-respect and how important it is in a relationship.

“That’s what I lost before. I have learned from that experience. You always have to set your boundaries kung saan ka na hindi nirerespeto. At kailangan lagi mong kilala ‘yung sarili mo at may tinitira ka sa sarili mo kapag nagmamahal ka,” Alonzo added.

She also told Francine to not get pressured by her peers when it comes to entering into a relationship. She assured her that the time for her to have someone will eventually come. And speaking about respect, she added her view about ghosting and indicated that one should be “man or woman enough to at least break up” and say goodbye as respect to the relationship.

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