Photos of Pacquiao Family Enjoying Vacation In Spain

PACQUIAO FAMILY – Senator Manny Pacquiao’s wife Jinkee Pacquiao shared more photos from their European trip.

After the 2022 election, celebrity couple Manny Pacquiao and Jinkee Pacquiao flew to Germany together with their children Princess, Queenie, Michael, and Israel for a much-needed vacation. Jimuel, their eldest son missed the trip because of his boxing training in the US.

On their respective IG accounts, the couple has been posting photos and videos taken from their trip. After spending some time in Germany, they also decided to visit Switzerland.

Photo Source: @jinkeepacquiao IG

On her IG account, Jinkee Pacquiao posted several pics and clips of the breath-taking landscapes in Switzerland. Among the places they visited was the Lake Brienz where CLOY’s scene of Yeon Se-ri encountering Captain Ri was shot.

Jinkee and Pacman’s CLOY-inspired photos went viral on social media. Despite being a mom of 5, the socialite continues to slay and look young in her elegant outfits.

In a previous article, Jinkee’s branded stuff caught the attention of veteran showbiz reporter Cristy Fermin. She said the former politician is now free to post about her luxurious lifestyle since the campaign is over.

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Photo Source: @jinkeepacquiao IG

After visiting CLOY’s shooting locations, the Pacquiao family continued with their European trip to Spain. Jinkee gave glimpses of their trip to Spain on her IG page last June 29.

The Pacquiao family visited La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona. They took some snaps outside the UNESCO World Heritage Site. They also pay a visit to Girona where they roam the streets of Spain.

Meanwhile, the 43-year-old senator also took the time to visit Camp Nou which is a football stadium that is home to FC Barcelona. Pacman He was greeted by the owner and staff of the club.

Pacman posed for some pics and toured around the football stadium. He said “It’s an honor to be here. To visit the biggest stadium in Barcelona and to meet the owner and staff. The warm welcome, I really appreciate it.”

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