Traffic Light in Cebu City Gives Pedestrians Only 9 Seconds to Cross the Street

Video of Traffic Light in Cebu City Giving Pedestrians Only 9 Seconds to Cross the Street Elicits Reactions Online

CEBU CITY – A traffic light in Cebu City only gives pedestrians nine seconds to cross the street before it turns red.

Traffic lights, traffic signals or stoplights are signaling devices positioned at road intersections, pedestrian crossings, and other locations to control flows of traffic. The different colors of lights tell drivers what to do.

The green light gives the go signal, yellow as preparatory and red for a full stop. Motorists who will ignore or disrespect the signals will be subject to corresponding sanctions and penalties.

Traffic Light

The Facebook page “SunStar Cebu” has shared the video footage of a traffic light in Colon Street, Cebu City that gives pedestrians only nine seconds to cross the street. The video garnered various reactions from the online community.

In the video, it can be seen that the pedestrians were in a hurry to cross the street due to the little amount of time given to them. The traffic light only gives them nine seconds to cross the road based on the video.

However, the Cebu City Transportation Office (CCTO) has denied that the countdown signals are not allocating enough time for the pedestrians crossing the street. CCTO spokesperson Paul Gotiong clarified that the traffic light usually gives a 12 to 18-second crossing time.

The countdown signals also give a three to five seconds red-blinking warning sign. The video has been taken on Friday (June 24, 2022).

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Traffic Light

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