JUST IN: Golden State Warriors Wins NBA Finals 2022 Vs. Boston Celtics

Golden State Warriors, Boston Celtics Match for NBA Finals Game 6

GOLDEN STATE WARRIORS – The GSW won the final game 6 2022 of the National Basketball Association (NBA) against the Boston Celtics.

A lot of people across the globe are basketball fanatics. In fact, many individuals do not really play basketball but the sport is close to their hearts that they could never afford to miss a match – most especially the National Basketball Association (NBA) championship games.

Several times vie to be the NBA Champion annually and, undeniably, some of the basketball league has truly made a name in the field that they can never afford not giving their best shot for the title. Recently, the Golden State Warriors made it again as they played against the Boston Celtics for NBA Finals Game 6.

Golden State Warriors, Boston Celtics

The NBA Finals Game 6 between the Golden State Warriors and the Boston Celtics has recently concluded with the scores of 103-90. Based on The Athletic, GSW star Steph Curry had mixed emotions during the last 63 seconds of the game as they head up to the title once again.

Based on the post, the victory is truly proof of GSW’s reign as they went from worst to first in just two seasons. With the emotional Curry in the last seconds, Draymond Green even had to come over and give him a few heads up on the free-throw rebound.


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