Ivana Alawi Undergoes Nose Restructuring? This Is Her Family’s Reaction

Nagpa-retoke? Ivana Alawi pranks her family.

IVANA ALAWI – Celebrity vlogger Ivana Alawi tries to pull off a “retoke” prank on her family and this is how they reacted to it.

When it comes to cosmetic enhancements, Kapamilya actress Ivana Alawi sees no reason to object to the thought or idea. But personally, she prefers her natural look. As for others who decided to go through under the knife, she sees nothing wrong with it.


If it fits their style and if it will boost their confidence, she’s all for it. And with that being said, she expressed support to one of their helpers who asked for her assistance. Mae, one of their longtime helpers in their house, asked her for financial aid to restructure her nose. She will pay in installments and Ivana is supportive of Mae.

As seen in the vlog, she is very close to her, and just like a family, she allowed her, offered financial help, and agreed to receive her payment in installments. Stealing the “retoke” idea, she tried to pull off this “retoke” prank on her family.


She had prosthetics put on her nose which made the nose restructuring thing convincing and realistic. Her brother, her first victim, did not like the idea.

He turned sour and cold after Ivana told him about the “operation” and insisted on asking why she had to do it. For him, she has the most beautiful nose in their family. Her sister also fell victim but Mama Alawi did not.

Watch the vlog below:

Here are some comments from the video:

Ivana really inspires us look how generous she is, we will never get tired of supporting you

Yung seryosong face ni hash, napawi ng saya nung malamang “it’s a prank”

Ivana really has a heart of gold at kitang-kita naman. she may be a prankster but she loves to help other people too

Ang galing mo talaga mang prank at sobrang bait mo ate Ivana


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