Migz Zubiri wants Public to give Robin Padilla “Benefit of the Doubt”

Sen. Migz Zubiri Speaks on Senator-Elect Robin Padilla

MIGZ ZUBIRI – The incoming Senate President encourages the public to give senator-elect Robin Padilla a chance.

The term of the current administration is about to end. This June 30, new leadership is set to begin. The elected president, vice president, senators, representatives, local government officials, and Cabinet appointees will start their term.

One of the elected senators is actor-turned-politician Robin Padilla. He led the senatorial race. Undeniably, Padilla leading the race gained different reactions from the people. There are those who are happy and excited that he will be part of the Senate while there are also those who are questioning his qualification in making laws.

Recently, incoming Senator Migz Zubiri revealed that senator-elect Robin Padilla asked for the chairmanship of the Committee of Constitutional Amendments. He has always been vocal about his support to shift the government in the country to the federal system.

Robin Padilla
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Reports stating that Zubiri told Padilla to study very well-circulated online. To this, the incoming Senate President reacted and clarified what he really told the senator-elect.

Migz Zubiri
Photo Credit: Senate

In a Facebook post, Sen. Migz Zubiri said that when he was interviewed, he expressed his belief in the capacity of Senator-elect Robin Padilla while encouraging the public to give him the “benefit of the doubt” saying that he is preparing.

According to the incoming Senate President, his statement was allegedly taken out of context by other people because his full statement was not included. He stressed that the rules do not require the head of a committee to really be a lawyer.

Sen. Zubiri asks the public to give Senator-elect Padilla a chance. According to him, he advised him like the other newbies in the Senate to really study very well as what he did when he was first elected in the upper chamber in 2007. Here’s his Facebook post:

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