Mond Gutierrez, Carla Humphries Speaks About Their ‘Scandal’

Mond Gutierrez and Carla Humphries had a “scandal” years ago

TV host Mond Gutierrez and actress Carla Humphries revealed the details surrounding their “scandal” that happened years ago.

The said “scandal” took place during the after party of the celebrity water sports challenge in Camarines Sur. It was attended by many stars of ABS-CBN and a few controversies happened back then.

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One controversial happening was the kissing that happened between Mond and Carla. They elaborated on the details of what happened on Wil Dasovich’s Super Human podcast. Mond Gutierrez and Carla Humphries have been friends even before this viral video circulated.

The TV host said that at that time, press people were no longer allowed to take photos or videos because the organizers asked them to leave but one apparently did not follow that.

Carla said that she saw Mond wasn’t swimming and so she went near him and danced as she was trying to bring him to the shore. “We really like just having fun and then, he kissed me and we’ve been friends forever,” she shared.

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Wil asked her to explain what she said. Mond said that he just leaned on Carla and they started making out. People started watching them and Mond said, “okay, whatever, you guys can watch, and then it ended.” The TV host said that was the first and the last time but their friendship has remained over the years.

Carla also said that back then, there were already speculations if Mond is gay or not. “At that point, Mond was just like figuring things out,” she added. The TV host admitted that at that time, he still didn’t come to terms with it and he was still trying to figure himself out.

“Obviously, at the back of my head, I knew,” he said. Wil asked if he was still not 100 percent sure if he was gay or not, at that time, and Mond jokingly answered, “I was 99.9 and then, kissing Mads (Carla) I became a hundred percent.”

Mond Gutierrez said that many people called him and Carla Humphries for an interview after the “scandal” blew up but they haven’t spoken about this until now.

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