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Maricar Reyes shares touching story about her kabarkada’s ‘Bad Boyfriend’

Maricar Reyes Shares Touching Story About Her Kabarkada’s ‘Bad Boyfriend’

Maricar Reyes has another amazing story while doing her makeup

Actress Maricar Reyes shared a touching story about the “bad boyfriend” of her kabarkada and she did this while showing netizens how she fixes her eyebrows.

Maricar has started a trend on her Instagram account. She would share stories about anything, lesson, and tips while doing her makeup. This has amazed so many netizens, aside from the fact that they are also learning something from her.

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In one of the recent videos she shared, Maricar talked about the “bad boyfriend” of her kabarkada. “My kabarkada had a bad boyfriend. Weirdo foreigner siya who was much older than us. He wore clothes made of katsa (flour sacks) by choice, ha. He smoked unfiltered cigarettes. He looked so unstable. Honestly, I did not want him for my friend,” the actress shared.

Maricar Reyes continued her story about that guy when she and her friends, and her friend’s “bad boyfriend” went to dinner one night. They were riding Maricar’s car and while she was parking, she scratched a car beside her. “I had to pay for damages.  Sobrang nakakahiya ‘yung buong proseso,” the actress shared.

Her friends tried to comfort her saying that it is okay and she should not think about what happened. However, Maricar said that she was not comforted by the words of her friends because she said, “I still felt so stupid kasi hindi naman sila ‘yung nakabangga.”

Then, the “bad boyfriend” approached her and said, “You know, when I was eighteen I crashed my car into a cement wall. It was a total wreck and I felt so stupid.” Maricar said that the guy was laughing at himself after sharing that story with her.

Those words from the guy she considered a “bad boyfriend” for her friend comforted her. “The man I thought was so wrong for my friend was the only one who made me feel better that night. He made me experience one of the best ways to give comfort or advice by using a simple personal story,” Maricar Reyes said.

The actress added that because of that story, she felt that he deeply understood her because he also went through the same situation. She realized that she judged him from what she saw on the surface.

But now I appreciate his character underneath. Years later, “bad boyfriend” married my kabarkada. And he has made her very happy until today. He’s not a bad boyfriend after all,” Maricar said.


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